1933 Brough Superior SS80 De Luxe

€120.000 - €180.000

Villa Erba - Moto-Icons: From Café Racer to the Superbike

Frame No.
Engine No.
KTCY/Z 29331/S

Documents: Belgian Certificat d'Immatriculation

  • Matching frame and engine number
  • Accompanied by copy of Brough Superior Record card
  • Restored in 2014 by marque specialist
  • Conforms to its original specification
Like all SS80 De Luxe models, D1184 includes the fully sprung rear wheel, bottom link front forks, a rolling stand, pillion rolling stand, and the specially tuned ‘De Luxe’ engine. Restored in 2014 by a marque specialist, this SS80 conforms to its original specification, and it retains its original JAP engine.

Originally supplied to A. Briggs, this SS80 De Luxe is recorded on the Brough Superior Record Card as being dispatched on the 5 January 1933. The record card notes that both exhaust pipes were on the right-hand side and the bike was fitted with a dual silencer. Kept in pristine condition since its restoration, this Brough Superior is truly an exceptional example of an exceptional marque.

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