1992 Ferrari 348 TB Challenge

Sold For €241.500

Ferrari – Leggenda e Passione

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Documents: Italian Libretto

  • Previously owned by Ferrari SpA
  • Retained by Ferrari for promotional use of the Challenge series
Rather than finding its way to the racetrack in the hands of a privateer within the Challenge series, chassis number 94984 was retained by Ferrari until 1997. It remained in their use as it functioned as essentially the press car for the Challenge series, used to help market the series (and the car itself) to members of the media and any interested clients that would drop by the factory. Interestingly enough, the car can still be seen today on Ferrari’s own website, under the page for the 348 Challenge, and the vehicle retains its original Modena registration plates.

The car’s history with Ferrari is confirmed by not only its accompanying Estratto Cronologico, but also the car’s warranty manual, where Ferrari SpA is clearly listed as the first owner. The 348 Challenge cars are perhaps the most interesting and significant model of the 348 family and represent an important piece of Ferrari history as the very first Challenge car and the first of a great line of Challenge series models. It is quite rare that Ferrari would retain one of these cars for such a period of time and thus, the opportunity to acquire this 348 with factory history should not be overlooked.

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