General FAQs

How do I purchase an auction catalogue? Am I able to purchase a yearly subscription?

You may purchase any one of our auction catalogues in the catalogue orders page of our website or by calling one of our Client Services representatives. There is also an option to purchase an annual subscription. This annual subscription does not include private collection sale catalogs.

Client Service representatives:
North America+1-519-352-4575
United Kingdom+44 (0) 20 7851 7070

I ordered a catalog and was told it admits two to the preview. Where are my tickets?

The catalog is the ticket. If attending the preview, make sure to bring the catalog with you, as it will admit you and a guest to the preview. Please see the individual sale's website by selecting the appropriate event under the "Auctions" tab at the top of this page for detailed admission information for each particular sale.

Buyer FAQs

How do I become a registered bidder if I am attending one of your events?

Visit our bidder registration page on our website and choose the 'Onsite' option for the sale you wish to attend. Once processed, you will receive confirmation from one of our Client Services representatives via email or phone.

What is the cost to become a registered bidder if I am to attend one of your events?

The registration fee varies per auction. Please refer to the Bidder Information in the auction webpage for more information. In most instances, this fee includes an official auction catalogue and admission for two to the preview and auction.

Can I register on site at the event or is it better to register in advance?

You can register on site at the event; however, it is recommended to register in advance to avoid potential on-site line ups.

Do I need to send in a new application and required items for each auction I wish to attend?

Yes, we do require a new application to be submitted for each auction and request that you submit all required items each time as some of the items we require may have expired since the last event you attended.

What is required to register to bid?

Photo identification (driver's license or passport) and a valid credit card is required to register to bid. Bank letters of guarantee are also required. Copies of dealer licenses are required if you are registering as and buying under a dealership.

Is the bidder registration fee refundable if I purchase at auction?

The bidder registration fee is non-refundable.

Why do you require my credit card to register?

Credit cards serve as a means to verify credit history. They will not be stored or sold to third parties.

What is a bank letter of guarantee?

A bank letter of guarantee is an irrevocable letter issued by your banking institution stating that the bank will guarantee a check written by you, indicating your account number and the monetary value of the guarantee; it must also state that no stop payments will be issued. The bank will state the guarantee is to be used for the purposes of the proposed auction on the date of the sale.

Is a bank letter of guarantee required to register to bid?


My bank will not issue a letter of guarantee. What are my options?

Some larger banks will not issue letters of guarantee. The other option is a letter of credit however your methods of payments will be limited to certified fund. Only a letter of guarantee allows you to pay with a personal or company cheque.

What are acceptable methods of payment for the purchase of a vehicle?

All payments must be made in the form of certified funds. This includes cash, wire transfers and certified checks. You may also pay with a personal/company check as long as a bank letter of guarantee accompanies it.

Can I pay for any purchases with a personal/company check?

Yes, as long as a bank letter of guarantee accompanies the check. A sample of the letter of guarantees are available in the Register to Bid section of our website.

What happens if the certified check I have arranged is larger than the amount of my final bill of sale?

If you have arranged in advance a certified check to pay for purchases and it is larger than your final bill of sale, RM Sotheby's will issue you a check to cover the difference.

Can I use a credit card to pay for my purchase?

Payment by credit card is only an available option for memorabilia purchases not exceeding $2000 US or £1000. Invoices exceeding this amount must be paid with certified funds. Credit cards cannot be used for automobile purchases.

What credit cards are accepted by RM Sotheby's?

RM Sotheby's accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. Please note that credit cards are only accepted for memorabilia payments on final invoices not exceeding $2000 US or £1000.

Sometimes wire transfers are not received the same day as they are sent. What happens then?

It is quite normal for banks arranging international wire transfers to take 2-3 days to complete the wire. Your banking institution upon sending the initial transfer will be required to fax RM Sotheby's a confirmation letter indicating the wire has been sent.

If I buy a car, when will I get the title?

As RM Sotheby's wants to insure all cars sold to our customers are clear and free of liens, we manage the process of title reassignment for all buyers. Buyers will receive assigned titles in the mail up to two weeks after the auction.

Am I responsible to pay sales tax on my purchase?

Yes. All citizens are required by law to pay applicable tax on purchases. RM Sotheby's is required to collect tax on all sales. Dealers who are sales tax exempt must provide a copy of their dealer license to RM Sotheby's to avoid paying sales tax. Individuals shipping their cars out-of-state must provide a copy of the ICC Bill of Lading to RM Sotheby's to avoid paying sales tax.

What is a buyer's premium?

A buyer's premium is a percentage of your bid that is charged on top of the final bid price. Buyer's premium is a set percentage that is non-negotiable. The buyer's premium is sale specific and can be found in the Buyer Information section of each sale's webpage.

Is the buyer's premium negotiable?


I am unable to attend the auction. What bidding options are available to me?

RM Sotheby's offers telephone, absentee and internet bidding options to all clients for all sales. Please refer to the Register to Bid page for further information.

What is a telephone bid?

A telephone bid allows a bidder to bid from anywhere in the world via telephone. An RM representative contacts the bidder approximately 3-5 lots before the lot of interest comes up to auction and then proceeds to bid for the client as they listen and instruct.

What is an absentee bid?

An absentee bid is a written maximum bid submitted to the auction house in advance of the sale. An RM representative then bids up to the high bid on behalf of the client during the live sale. If the client is successful, he/she will be notified after the auction

I would like to register in advance for an auction, but it is within one week of the sale and advance registration is closed. What can I do?

Advance bidder registration for anyone attending the auction in person closes approximately one week before the sale date in order to prepare files and move them to the sale site. At this point, you will have to register when you arrive at the auction. If you are unable to attend the auction and are looking to register to bid by telephone, absentee or the internet, RM Sotheby's still accepts these registrations up until the day of the sale.

If I am already a registered onsite bidder, but need to leave during the event, how do I become an absentee bidder?

Before leaving the event, stop by the Bidder Registration desk. A Client Service representative will have you complete a short form. The form will have you choose what type of absentee bidding you would like to use (telephone/absentee). Please remember that by signing the form, you agree to the 10% Buyer's premium if a car is purchased through absentee bidding.

How will I know if I am set up and ready to begin absentee bidding?

When our Client Services department processes your Absentee/Telephone Bidder Form, we will either email or call you directly to inform you that the process is complete. In addition, if we did not receive all the required items to process your application, we will advise you of this.

Why does RM provide an "estimated range of value" for each item?

This high/low price estimate provides the seller with an expected range of auction value and the buyer with a guideline for potential purchase.

What does "offered without reserve" mean?

The car will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of the price achieved at auction.

What is bidding increment?

The standardized amount an item increases in price after each new bid.

What happens if the reserve price is not reached on an item?

The auctioneer will "pass" on the item once it is clear that there are no more interested bidders and then withdraw the lot from the auction.

I am interested in acquiring a shipping quote; who should I contact?

You can obtain a quote from any licensed transporter, however RM recommends Reliable Carriers. Get a quote online at www.reliable-carriers.com or call 1-877-744-7889.

If I ship my car out of state/province on an ICC carrier, am I required to pay state/provincial sales tax?

You will not be required to pay sales tax as long as the carrier supplies RM Sotheby's with a bill of lading showing the car leaving the state or province.

Does RM provide storage for the lots that I buy at auction?

RM does not provide storage facilities for objects purchased at auction and requires removal of newly-purchased property on the first business day following the sale. The buyer is responsible for transportation costs. Please see Terms & Condtions of Sale on the auction website.

Who do I contact if I have further bidding/buying questions?

Please contact one of our Client Service representatives at +1-519-352-4575 or +44 (0) 20 7851 7070 or by email at clientservices@rmsothebys.com.

Seller FAQs

What is consignment?

To "consign" literally means to "deliver" or "entrust." By consigning your property to an RM auction, you are simply setting the stage for that property to be sold at auction on your behalf.

What does it cost to sell my car at an RM auction?

To sell a vehicle at an RM auction, the Consignor is responsible for an entry fee as well as a seller's commission.

What is a seller's commission?

A seller's commission is the amount owed to RM Sotheby's for the sale of a vehicle.

If I enter a car to be sold at auction, is the entry fee refundable?

No. The entry fee covers all cataloguing and advertising costs prior to the sale.

What does "offered without reserve" mean?

The lot will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of the price achieved at auction.

What happens if the reserve price is not reached on an item?

The auctioneer will "pass" on the item once it is clear that there are no more interested bidders and then withdraw the lot from the auction.

I sold a car; when will I be paid?

In North America, sellers will receive payment no later than 21 business days after the date that RM receives payment from the buyer. In Europe, sellers will receive payment no later than 28 business days after the date that RM receives payment from the buyer.

Why does RM provide an "estimated range of value" for each item?

This high/low price estimate provides the seller with an expected range of auction value and the buyer with a guideline for potential purchase.

Does the title have to be in my name to consign a vehicle?

Yes, unless you are a Dealer.

How do I get my vehicle to the auction site?

It is the Consignor's responsibility to get the vehicles to the auction site, however, RM recommends Reliable Carriers. Get a quote online at www.reliable-carriers.com or call 1-877-744-7889.

When do I need to deliver my car?

This varies from sale to sale. A specific information letter will be included with your consignment package.

Do I have to be there when my car arrives?

No, an RM representative will handle the vehicle upon arrival. Please check in at the auction office once you are onsite to clear up any outstanding issues.

What happens after my car goes over the auction block?

When your car sells, it is moved to a dedicated location until the new owner takes it home. After 21 banking days, the proceeds from the sale are mailed to the Consignor. If your car does not sell, it will need to be removed from the property by the end of the first business day following the auction.

Who do I contact if I have further selling questions?

Please call us and ask to speak with one of our Car Specialists at +1-519-352-4575 or +44 (0) 20 7851 7070 or by email at consignments@rmsothebys.com.

Online Bidding FAQ

I have bid on-site/by telephone/absentee with RM Sotheby's in the past; do I need to create a new account for online bidding?

Yes. In order to access the online console, you need to create an online account with a user name and password and agree to the terms and conditions of the auction.

Is there a fee for bidding online?

No, there are no extra fees when bidding online. Successful buyers are still subject to the applicable buyer's premium as stated in the terms and conditions of the sale, sales tax (if not otherwise exempt), and any associated transportation/shipping fees for the lot.

I see that there will be an authorization on my credit card. Will this be refunded to me after the sale?

The authorization on your credit card is not an actual charge. This is simply a credit validation which will automatically fall off your account between 3-10 business days following the auction. This will not show up on your credit statement and will not cause interest to accrue on your account.

What if I don't have a credit card?

In order to bid online, a credit card authorization must be approved. For further assistance, please contact one of our Client Services representatives.

I have created an online account, but I can't seem to log in.

Please check your email to see if you have received a confirmation email from RM Sotheby's with instructions on how to verify your account. This email could have been caught by your spam blocker, so please be sure to check your junk mail folder as well. If you have successfully created an online account and have not received the confirmation email, please contact one of our Client Services representatives.

I created an account, but when I log in it still says that I am pending approval. When will my account be approved?

All account approvals are run beginning seven days prior to the auction date. If you have registered within the seven days prior to the auction date, account approvals will be run upon your account creation.

I have successfully created an online account, but my credit card authorization is declined. Can you tell me why?

Please check that all of the information you have entered is correct. This will include a matching billing address to the credit card number and CCV code. If you are still being declined, please contact your banking institution to be sure that your credit limit will allow the credit authorization and that there are no security features on your account that would prevent the account's approval.

Will I be able to see what is happening in the auction room in real time?

Yes, you will be able to see and hear a live feed of the auction room.

It seems that there is a lag in the broadcast feed. Can you tell me why?

It is suggested that you have a strong internet connection when bidding online. If you are not completely confident in your internet connection, we would suggest bidding by telephone or leaving an absentee registration with a Client Services representative. RM Sotheby's is not responsible for lost bids due to a lag in an internet connection.

Do I have to be a registered bidder just to view the auction online?

No. You will find a link on our main page to watch the live auction. You do not have to create an account just to view the live auction.

If I am the successful buyer, will someone contact me with payment and shipping instructions?

Yes, if you successfully purchase a lot online, one of our administrative staff will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to discuss payment and shipping options.

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